Attending Meetings

2 May

In the past three weeks, I have attended a good number of meetings on a variety of topics; these meetings are essentially forums for the governing bodies in the town to discuss important agenda items.

Last week, I attended a city council workshop meeting where a local business owner presented suggestions on how to improve public safety.

The presentation quickly took an unexpected turn and the local business owner started detailing why he thinks the Police Chief should resign. He explained the impending loom of the chief’s retirement and the systematic lack of efficiency within the police department, as well as the lack of resolve in regards to pursuing crimes.

I have been bombarded with e-mails and letters already about the situation – a lot of them from residents that live in the same area as said local business owner who vehemently oppose his views on the subject.

The local business owner, however, really liked my article and wants to keep me posted on any traction on the situation (‘the situation’ being the suggestion that the Police Chief resign).

Will be interesting to see where this leads, as it seems to be a pretty hot-button issue in the area.


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