Appreciating nature

24 May

There is a huge park in town that I have never really checked out.  It’s one of the hubs in town due to the practicality of its location and the vast number of amenities it provides.  There have been multiple projects to expand the park as it is centered around a wetland area and is a huge attraction for birders. The expansion of the park coincided with an increase in money for a pathways project and the resulting monetary infusion led to the creation of a few nature trails that intertwine around the wetland area, which is centered in the (relative) center of the park. The nature trails also connect to a few baseball fields, and a basketball court that I, and only I, frequent.

I snapped a few shots while walking along one of the nature trails and I also recorded a couple of videos.   I didn’t take the wind in to account when recording the videos and speak over the gust, so the videos are kind of useless.  One video is a still recording of the lake with commentary from me and the other video I forgot to put on the image stabilizer so the footage is very jumpy.  I might upload the former one just to clear space on my SD card, but I wouldn’t really recommend watching it.

Anyway – here are some pics:


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