Snake story somehow becomes a success

2 Jun

Last week I went out to a local resident’s home who had a 5-foot snake crawl through a window into his living room.  I took a picture of the homeowner holding the snake, interviewed him and his wife and put together a solid feature story.  Nothing spectacular, but an overall solid piece – got some info about her childhood fear of snakes, their current living situation and the 30 tube televisions in his front yard.

I received a couple of positive comments about the story and noticed it was the most popular article on our website, but didn’t really think much about the story after it was published.

Today, I learned that the story was picked up by a news station in Corpus Christi and run as a feature for their prime-time telecast.  Now, I obviously didn’t get any credit (boo) but it’s kinda cool to know you can do something you consider, at the time, a fluff piece and have it become something of a successful story.

Below  is a picture of the snake.  You will notice an incision above his head where the homeowner used loppers to cut its neck.  We used a better picture for the story, but this picture is a good close-up to give you a view of what the snake looks like.


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