Big Pineapple Soda

11 Jun

Big Pineapple – what a random drink to make.  Even when someone has a normal pineapple you are kind of shocked.  Yeah, you will eat the pineapple, but it’s a shocking fruit for someone to have in their home.

So why did the Big Red corporation feel it was necessary to have a pineapple-flavored beverage? (Editor’s Note: why did I buy it?)

I have to give Big Red credit, at least this flavored soda tastes like it’s advertised flavor.  I don’t know what flavor they were going for with Big Blue, but it tastes like shit, which I’m not entirely sure was their internet.

I don’t really recommend Big Pineapple – this is simply a warning to not be shocked if you see it in your local gas station.  Everything is fine, you are not seeing things – this soda actually exists.

Big Pineapple


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