Needling gas station employee

18 Jun

I strongly dislike the head honcho at my local gas station.

He gives me step-by-step instructions once I’ve swiped my debit card that are highly unnecessary.

I swipe my card.

“Press the green button.”

I press the green button.

He yells out “pin, pin, enter your pin!”

I enter in my pin number and he continues the needling.

“Press the green button.”

“Cash back?!”

First of all, can I have some time to contemplate my purchase? Can I gather myself and look at the total price of my purchase before you yell at me to accept? Maybe I decided you over-priced your Gatorade this quarter and I want to downgrade to Powerade. Maybe I want to make a last minute addition of a gallon of gas?  Why are you in such a rush for me to complete my debit card transaction when I am the only customer in the store?

On top of that, why does he think I’m such an idiot that I can’t figure out how to use a machine that prompts me with instructions?  Does he think I read too slow and need the abrasive verbal instructions? Does he think pressure is going to help me complete my purchase?

It’s also frustrating because I go in the store pretty often and I would think he would realize I know the routine by now. Swipe, press some green buttons, put in my pin, don’t get cash back and I’m out. After seeing me an average of 2-3 times a week for more than 2 months, you would think he would take the training wheels off and allow me to try to do it on my own. You would think I’ve earned the respect of trying to complete a transaction without having my hand held, but no, he continues to antagonize me and make me feel incompetent.

The head of my local gas station is a jerk. Next time I’m going to blow his mind and come in the store with cash money. We will see who is barking out instructions then, good sir.



2 Responses to “Needling gas station employee”

  1. Fiction & Foibles June 18, 2011 at 2:19 pm #

    Andrew, I wonder if you couldn’t just blow his mind by speaking yours? While I’m not a firm believer in the “customer is always right” to the point where they are allowed to be abusive, I am a firm believer in “the customer shouldn’t be treated like an idiot”.

    People are usually so bad to one another I think we’ve bred a culture where many don’t even consider standing up for themselves. Then they find themselves in situations where they’re being abused in some way and can’t respond.

    What harm could befall you by simple saying, “Listen Joe, I know how to use this machine and I’ll take my time. If you’d like my future business you need to stop talking to me and others like this. Smile, man. You’d make it a lot more pleasant for customers, and get a lot more return business by chilling out a little.”

    Maybe he’s waiting to be stood up to. Maybe he respects strength. Maybe it’s just the way he’s always dealt with people and has no clue how it impacts his customers perceptions of his business. Maybe you’d change his life.

    Communication is a powerful tool. I’d be really interested in hearing about what his response to this approach might be.

  2. catstevensfan June 19, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    Sorry it took so long for me to approve your comment – been out of town this weekend. Good food for thought though. Thanks.

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