Southwest Airlines has good customer service?

22 Jun

My reaction to the following report:

plain face

I wear beanies when it's 90-degrees outside

You know the economy is doing bad when….

Southwest Airlines and Pizza Hut have been named as the customer-satisfaction leaders in their respective industries.


So the basic process at Pizza Hut is like “Hey, I’m going to get [insert pizza type here] and I’m going to pick it up” and the person on the other end goes “Eh, alright bro it’s going to be about 30 minutes – see ya then!”

So is the fact it’s such an easy process that no employee, no matter how incompetent, could possibly mess it up the reason why customer satisfaction is so positive?  I have never left a Pizza Hut and gone ‘damn, they really did a great job with their service today, splendid job Pizza Hut.’ If anything, my opinion is usually ‘thanks Pizza Hut for not screwing anything up .’

Same holds for Southwest Airlines.

I think your expectation level is just lower with Southwest Airlines and Pizza Hut. You expect to get average service at a low price. As long as your flight details and pizza aren’t completely fucked up, you generally leave feeling good about the service you received.

In the restaurant category, Olive Garden was right behind Pizza Hut.

Thankfully I haven’t been to an Olive Garden more than twice in my life so I can’t really comment its quality, but I refuse to believe Olive Garden provides a high-quality service. They give you unlimited bread sticks and pasta in hopes that you are too fat to leave the restaurant after lunch and are forced to stay there for dinner. What kind of quality is that?

If you want to read more about the list click here. I pretty much said everything that needs to be said, but if you need proof that what I typed is fact, there ya go.


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