Soapy Water

26 Jun

I have this University of Texas mug that I rarely use due to me not being of those ‘school pride, bro’ type of guys. Regardless, it’s a solid mug that serves mug-like purposes and I use it around the house when I am doing dishes and have no cups left.

University of Texas mug

Solid mug that serves its intended purpose

So I was cleaning up around my house and noticed there were instructions for the mug.

My initial thoughts were: how ridiculous that someone would need instructions on how to use a mug, but then I realized they were instructions on how to clean the mug and while that is an equally ridiculous inclusion, it is a lot more logical inclusion.

Instructions on how to clean the mug

Don't worry if you can't read it - I couldn't take a picture clear enough for you to see anything. Needless to say, 'soapy water' is there.

The first general suggestion the mug gives on how to properly clean your drinkwear is to wash all parts in warm soapy water before using. That got me thinking: do we not have a more mature word for soapy water than….soapy water?

Yes – the name does give away exactly what it wants you to use and is an accurate description of the combination of soap and water, but with all the words we have for inane items, did we just give up when it came to soap-water?

They have a council in France to come up with words and we couldn’t have developed a more scientific sounding name than ‘soapy water’? I bet ‘soapy water’ has created a lot of confusion over the years due to people being embarrassed to use the word even if they need to use the word in proper context.

Struggle all you want my friends – the instructions for my mug reaffirmed the fact that soapy water is the correct term for soap-water and we (you) are just going to have to deal with using the term ‘soapy water’ forever.


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