The Eli Porter Documentary “I Deed It”

19 Jul

Posted above is a 34-minute documentary on Eli Porter.

For those who of you who don’t remember Eli Porter, or never knew of the existence of Eli Porter, he was a combatant in a freestyle competition at his local high school in Chamblee, Georgia. His opponent in the battle, Envy, had just started at the school and felt the need to assert his dominance in the freestyle realm by taking on Eli, who was known in the hallways for his ferocious freestyle rapping. Envy went first in the battle and seemed to have obvious advantages on Eli that went beyond rapping. Eli, to most who watched the video, seemed a bit “off” – meaning he appeared to be either physically, or mentally handicapped (before you crucify me for this comment, watch the video).

His freestyle battle against Envy ended up on YouTube in 2007 and the hilarity of Eli’s performance vaulted the video to viral fame. The battle was oft-quoted around high-school/college campuses when it first appeared due to the hilarious lines Eli spit after the abrupt pause during his round. The documentary is really well put together, and enjoyable to watch, even if you have little interest in rapping, or know little of the back story.

Here is a link to the original YouTube video for those who want information on what the documentary is centered around:


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