Cat Stevens Fan


CatStevensFan.com is, essentially, a productive medium for me to share the random ideas I have, and the random adventures I take, during off-time from work.  I recently moved to the coastal bend of Texas after graduating from college and I live in a retirement community where the average age is nearly 50.  So activities after work are severely limited, but this blog is allowing me to partake in activities I would normally shy away from, which is definitely a good thing.

I reiterate that I do not like Cat Stevens, however, I am sure a lot of people in my community like him (because they are old).  I hope that you check out the videos on my page, as well as the pictures.  If you would like to suggest content, or just give general feedback on the site, feel free to comment anywhere you want on any page on any part of this site.

I try to take my kodak zi8 out with me to events, but I have yet to purchase a lapel mic so the wind-factor due to the ocean kills 60-percent of videos I have recorded.  Make sure to check out my youtube channel and subscribe if you get a chance: http://youtube.com/notcatstevens

Here are some quick facts about me – I don’t really feel like doing anything else in paragraph-format for the time being so this will have to suffice.

About Me

  • 22 year old Rockport, Texas resident
  • I really enjoy writing
  • I strongly dislike the style of writing the Associated Press advises I use
  • Art doesn’t make sense
  • I have written an article on Ron Paul
  • Times New Roman will never go out of style
  • I don’t understand countries that don’t have Tex-Mex restaurants
  • I am really good at making basketball bets with my old roommate Mat
  • If you are reading this Mat – you owe me at least $40 from basketball bets
  • I used to drive a Lincoln Continental
  • My glasses are currently broken
  • Sandals with socks are a fashion faux pas

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to subscribe (button is to the exact right of this post), or follow me on twitter @catstevensfan or on facebook (button is on the sidebar) for updates.

– Andrew


One Response to “About”

  1. Gmomzcorner May 1, 2011 at 8:01 pm #

    You make me smile. I enjoyed reading your “About”. I’m a new blogger,too.

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