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Little Brother – The Yo-Yo (Remix)

21 Jun

Little Brother – The Yo-Yo (Remix)

Still one my favorite songs.


Stalley – Slapp

11 Jun

Stalley is the newest artist signed to Rick Ross’  label Maybach Music Group.  Stalley is from Ohio and has most of his production done by Rashad, who also did the hook for the song Slapp I will post below.  He has a really smooth feel to his music and he is doing a summer tour that has already hit a few locales in Texas.

I highly recommend his music and the song I will post below – Stalley ft. Rashad – Slapp.  Quality summer music.

Common – The Light

31 May

Great song.

“The Light” was produced by J. Dilla, a producer and artist out of Detroit, who passed away in 2006.  He sampled  “Open Your Eyes” by Bobby Caldwell for the vocals and he sampled the drums  from “You’re Getting a Little too Smart” by The Detroit Emeralds.


The song was nominated for a Grammy, which in the world of Hip-Hop is not always an indication that the song is good, but in this instance – the Grammy committee certainly got it right.

I was watching Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly debate Common’s artistic merits a couple of weeks ago.  The debate occurred on O’Reilly’s turf, FoxNews, and centered around whether Common should be allowed to go to the White House due to some of his comments and his overall resume as a musician.  That debate reminded me of “The Light” and Common’s impressive catalogue of music.