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You know the Winter Olympics are irrelevant when…

5 Jul

How many people legitimately knew the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics was being announced tomorrow?

There is this guy on the verge of being removed from my facebook, who gives play by plays of his sleep and eating schedule, who didn’t even bother to post a single passing facebook status about the announcement of the Winter Olympics. The guy lets us know what his teacher is wearing before every class, yet he hasn’t made a single comment about the Winter Olympic announcement.

Somewhere, Apolo Anton Ohno just cried a single tear.


Usman Ahmed aka Uzzy – The Greatest Boxer Ever

25 Jun

A big thanks to Scott Van Pelt for putting me up on Usman Ahmed aka Uzzy, who puts on one of the greatest performances in boxing  history.  Even if you don’t like rap music, or awful dance moves, please watch the entirety of this video.  You will not be disappointed.  The title of biggest boxing tragedy ever is a gigantic misnomer; this is one of the greatest accomplishments in boxing history.

Best crossover in NBA history

22 Jun

Deshawn Stevenson drinks?

15 Jun

Deshawn Stevenson

ESPN is reporting Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson was arrested Tuesday night for public intoxication in Irving, TX.

I am not as shocked by the fact that DeShawn Stevenson drinks, as I am with the fact that he was black-out drunk at 10:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night in Irving, Texas.  And if you, a random person living in an apartment complex in Irving, Texas, run across DeShawn Stevenson wasted – why would you immediately call the cops?  You can’t tell me there is something more entertaining to do in Irving, TX on a Tuesday night than hang out with a drunk DeShawn Stevenson.

Editor’s Note: This marks my third post mentioning alcohol in a row and that is where I draw the line on alcohol references.

Lenny Dykstra – who told him he was smart?

6 Jun


“Lenny Dykstra, a three-time major league All-Star outfielder who played for the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies, was charged Monday with multiple counts of allegedly leasing cars using phony businesses and credit information, and with drug possession, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office announced.” (source:

Getting a co-sign by Charlie Sheen as the ultimate warlock was clearly a sign of things to come for Dykstra, who was recently caught with drugs and is facing charges (again) for shady business tactics.

Lenny Dykstra timeline:

1998 – Officially retired from Major League Baseball.  Starts a car wash around the same time.

2005 – Gets sued in relation to the car wash.

July 2009 – Files for bankruptcy

October 2009 – Auctions off world series championship ring to help pay off $31 million debt.

April 2011 – Arrested and charged with bankruptcy fraud.

June 2011 – Dykstra is charged with multiple counts of allegedly leasing cars using phony businesses and credit information.


These are just a few incidents in a laundry list of bad moments for Lenny Dykstra.   And to think, at one point people were calling Dykstra a financial guru.

Basketball Skills

5 Jun

An impressive display of basketball skill sans athletic ability. This is a move I have always wanted to record, but have always been afraid of seeing from an outsider’s vantage point.  Now, I see what is so embarassing about said move.  Prepare to be impressed.