Getting yelled at by your elders

9 May

I got yelled at today.
So it’s a really long story and I don’t really feel like typing that much, but an elderly gentleman called me about a lead on a story.
He said there was open mine digging going on near Aransas Pass, which is a city near Rockport, and that after “they” dug for sand “they” threw construction materials in the open holes and now there’s a lake there.
What I typed makes no sense, but it is verbatim what the elderly gentleman stated, so I politely asked him to clarify.
The old man said he had called the city council secretary and asked her to investigate the story a year ago and she didn’t do anything.
I asked him if he’s spoken to the board members of the city council to present his findings at a city council meeting, or a city council workshop meeting to which he replied:
“No, it’s not in Rockport, but I just want to keep Rockport beautiful.”
I asked him if he was a part of the Keep Rockport Beautiful group:
“I am not a member per say.”
Again – I was confused.
So I told him that we typically don’t cover stories in Aransas Pass, so I’m going to have to talk to my managing editor before investigating the story further, but that I would get back to him within 24-hours.
“This is such bullshit – I am going to write a letter to the editor if you don’t fix this,” said the old man.
My instinct was to yell back at him, but I am a mature professional making grown man moves now, so I politely apologized (for no reason, mind you) and said I would get back to him once I’ve discussed the matter with the managing editor.
In the midst of all this, the elderly gentleman told me he knows everyone in the office and upon asking everyone in the office, nobody was familiar with this gentleman and, additionally, they thought his story was ridiculous and didn’t make sense.
I win.


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